London Coffee Festival 2013

I was lucky enough to go to the London Coffee Festival yesterday evening at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch.

Lucky, in that I won my ticket thanks to Caffeine magazine, cheers!

And while it was good to geek out over different coffees and brewing methods, it was also interesting that conversation inevitably came around to digital sociology and the coffee and wifi research.

The conversations were mixed with some people thinking big data and mobile devices are a cause for concern, and others just being interested in talking about the subject area. I’m always fascinated to hear more from non-sociologists about their concerns with big data and mobile devices. It usually provides me with another perspective to look at things from.

Only at a coffee festival could come across a stall of someone selling a book extolling the virtues of working from cafes.

Out of Office book

Out of Office by Chris Ward

Chris Ward was at the London Coffee Festival spruiking his book, Out of Office. The book talks about the positives of working  from cafes and lists great books written, websites founded and revolutions commenced all from the humble cafe.

I’m yet to read the book thoroughly but provides a good pictorial, business argument for working from cafes. Definitely something to look into further.

I had a chat to Chris and it’ll be great to follow up with him in the coming months on his ideas about working from cafes.

On a coffee geek note, I managed to complete my Hario V60 pour over kit yesterday. This means the project will be fuelled by lots of lovely homemade, single origin filter coffees.

Hario stand at the London Coffee Festival

Hario stand at the London Coffee Festival – one of many coffee geek out sites.


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